About Together18

Our names are Eric Reyzelman and Harrison Cohen.

We are professional baseball players in the New York Yankees organization.

More importantly, we are proud members of the Jewish community.

We started Together18 after learning of the horrific atrocities committed in and against the State of Israel beginning in early October, 2023, and feeling the urgent responsibility to support our Jewish homeland from where we are in the United States.

The two of us signed our first professional baseball contracts in 2022 and shortly thereafter became active members of the Jewish community in Tampa, Florida. We are grateful to Rabbi Mendy and the Chabad of South Tampa for allowing us to continue learning and growing closer to our faith as part of their community.

Together18 embodies everything we want to stand for. The logo revolves around the number 18, a significant number in Judaism that represents life, or חַי (Chai). The State of Israel and the Jewish people will never surrender that spirit and soul for which חַי stands. The word “Together” in the "1" represents our intentions as an organization, as we all band together to support Israel. A Star of David is also intertwined with an infinity symbol in the "8," signifying that Israel and its people will always be alive and unwavering. 

While we come from different backgrounds and experiences, our Jewish identities allowed for a close friendship and bond to form from the time we first met. We did our best to take part in the Jewish communities established at our universities (Eric at the University of San Francisco and Louisiana State University, Harrison at George Washington University), and the opportunity to continue growing and learning as we began our careers has been immensely meaningful.  

100% of all profits from purchases on this site will be donated to organizations supporting humanitarian efforts in Israel, such as Magen David Adom and Friends of the IDF

We want to thank our partners for their continuous support in spreading the message of Together18 out into the world: 

Team Israel

Stephen Swindal Jr.

Ari Ackerman

Avi Miller

Max Mannis

Rabbi Zevi New 

Rabbi Mendy Dubrowski 

Rabbi Raleigh Resnick

Greg Zolotar

Greg Heller

Alex and Melissa Friedman 

Thomas Battista

Shunpike Charitable Foundation